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EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS understands the demands of all different users, so Novasoft Technologies decided to design GST software for Billing & Accounting which is capable of fulfilling the requirements of users. Novasoft Technologies GST Software for Billing & Accounting can be customized as per the business you are doing without any hassle.

In EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS GST Software you can convert your bill in any format you need as well as send the bills through email, which will save your plenty of time. This will ensures that invoices will be distributes with higher degree of automation. Even there is a provision of sending bill through SMS if one is out of reach of his mail. You can also switch over anywhere from bill to bill which saves consumption of time. There is a provision of checking the back date stock position at the time of billing.



There are many such small -2 provisions which help you in maintaining & managing larger amount of billing in much lesser sort of time. The best part of the software is its reporting. There are 1000+ types of reports which will help in comparing your sales and purchase, profit and loss through which you can think of the betterment of the sales.

Acro-Tex is an unique software for Textiles and Readymade Wholesalers & Retailers to make accurate stock management with pin details such as supplier, date of purchase price, value, brand, company size, stuff etc... With and unique Barcode system(Laser Printer & Barcode Printer) incorporated within the system with high volume printing rate(i.e.Approx.900 stickers per minute).No need to item creation and costing can be done within no time. Employee check in Check out tracking though RFID and normal ID Cards. Rate wise stock analysis Party wise stock, LR Register also included in this Software

Billing Software


Our billing softwares in market

  • Acro-Bis fulfils the all the requirements of Retail or Wholesale Business firms and Manufacturing units. This Software Included Inventory, Accounts and production, Multi units,(MLP)Multi level pricing for different types of customers, maintaining the payroll and performance reports of employees, production and costing of items and material management.

  • Tax-Soft
  • Tax Soft is a High-End Software Solution specially designed for Tax Consultants. ‘Tax Soft' completes a work in just three days which an ordinary accounting software takes fifteen days and manual work takes more than thirty days to complete.

  • Jewel Plus
  • Jewellery Shop management software has Purchase, Sale & Estimate of Jewellery (Gold, Silver), Purity Categorization, Item Transfer, etc.Fast billing formats, VAT & other tax reports available. Other features include Integrated Accounts, User Activity Monitor, Easy Backup & Restore, Multiple window processing, etc.

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    Billing Software with GST
    Billing invoicing software with invoice template

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