About Us

Our Work Is The Presentation Of Our Capabilities
We empower our team to create meaningful experiences in a positive environment where we can all prosper

Why Us

  • Out of Limitations, comes Creativity
    Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt.
    EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS cherished with creative team of Web designers and
    developers who are proficient and offer effective service.
  • User is a source of truth
    Embrace teamwork and clearly define goals. EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS
    delivers an optimum Web design solution that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.
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  • Partnerships work better
    A collaborative, transparent relationship is key to successful product launch.
    Planning Risks and Issues Management , Create Test Scripts & Technical Design Document
    And analysis of Functional Requirements Document.
  • Agile-hybrid sprints
    Agile-hybrid development begins as soon as have enough of a backlog of user stories and approved designs
    Complete System Configuration and ISV Solution Setup Conduct Acceptance Testing
    Be flexible in process and execution.
  • Test early and test often
    Final System Readiness and Final Acceptance Testing
    We perform end-to-end testing with real or simulated users in order to ensure
    the complete system achieves your business goals.
  • Transparent oversight is key
    The team is in constant communication throughout the project.
    We are giving Project Charter , Budget Estimate Requirements & business process review
    to ensure the effective Project Management.

How can Partner assist your business?

Your success is our success. We do everything we can to meet milestones and ensure deliverables either satisfy or exceed your expectations. Once we understand your perspective, and where you want to be, we help you form the digital strategy needed to plan the right solution. We do this with a combination of our forward thinking user experience staff, talented creative team, and a crew of agile business strategy analysts who identify the best way of marketing.

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At EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS, you get comprehensive user interface design solutions specialized in Web/Desktop/Mobile User Interface (UI/UX) design and development and visual design services. Our holistic digital offerings cater to all kinds of UI work, front-end designs, and back-end development tasks; with the help of modern technology and cutting edge capabilities.

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Our agile-hybrid development begins as soon as we have enough of a backlog of user stories and approved designs. We find it works best to have design completed ahead of front-end development. Part waterfall, part agile = agile-hybrid. With sign off on all sides we’re ready to push to production and/or submit to respective app stores.

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Years of experience
We don't just develop apps and websites
we develop your business. We design, build and maintain
mobile and web applications for today's demanding users.
No of Websites

We worked with companies of all sizes
across numerous industries.

Lines of Codes

Flexible frameworks to provide optimum
experiences across all devices.

Hours of Coding

Every project goes through
rigorous and collaborative process.

Satisfied Customers

User experience design is about the best
experience possible for the user.


  • A new era of Web Technology was Born
    A group of young talented technologists from KKS GROUP started
    an IT hub which was combination of their ideas, dreams and passion. We started our journey
    in freelance mode.
  • Struggle found Success!!
    After a year of struggle in industry to survive the competition from the
    giants, we found success in making our unique identity in market. By facing ups and downs,
    we found our own strategies in marketing,
    development and digital brand expansion which enabled us to complete our first 50 projects.
  • Investors of Belief
    After achieving a successful completion of projects in global market and making brand recognition,
    it was time for expansion. But major problem was finding relations from other countries.
    Few months later we got connections from Gulf Careers, Duabi who were among our satisfied customers.
    They said “we are really happy, to accompany us in our journey to success”
    it was statement which gave us the energy to drive success.
  • A new Focus...
    Achieving a remarkable growth in the web development industry,
    we were having a smooth run. Then after conducting surveys and research we started mobile application
    development and advanced digital marketing solutions solutions in our various branches
    to give a complete digital solution to our customers across the world.
  • A step to the Software World!!!
    Getting into various industries for developing web and mobile solutions, we got
    requirement of billing software from many of our satisfied customers.
    Then we launched our fully customized billing software. Which achieved
    a better market than we expected, it would get.
  • Time for an Indian Coffee...
    On conducting global surveys in the sector of web and mobile app development
    India was tending to be a potential market to invest.
    Introducing Xamarian programming for mobile app development, gave us
    the confidence of getting into any market. By ranking among the world’s top companies in
    web and mobile application development we ensure quality and dedicated services to all our customers
    The Indian market gave us a stronger root to our future initiatives.
  • Time for a Greater footstep...
    By next five years our company have greater expectations.
    We expect to achieve completion of 2000 projects and also
    expect to be ranked among the top 10
    website and mobile app development MNC’s in the world.



EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS is a creative application development company that helps innovative brands and businesses engage with their customers across multiple digital platforms. We utilize a user centric design philosophy combined with inventive uses of leading edge technology to develop web and mobile applications that connect with users on a visceral level.

Our customer is our ultimate motivation, at EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS we crave to build a relation to begin a journey of success, our trusted customer base today is the only reason we achieved our position in a very short span and our promise to enrich their experience will always be our motto.

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