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We offer complete front end (black box) and automated testing on a variety of application types and sizes. Our QA Engineers will seamlessly position themselves within the client’s team to provide rapid feedback and detailed information regarding encountered issues. We are not limited to websites or web applications QA, but offer testing on Android and iOS apps, along with a multitude of other devices and platforms.

We have extensive experience with a variety of products and testing scenarios. Whether your product and team requires high amounts of documentation or you’d just focus on exploratory testing techniques, we can accommodate your unique product and team. Expect constant and relevant communication with our team in daily updates including detailed bug reports and test case pass/fail data.

We don’t confine ourselves to one “silver bullet” testing strategy. We will analyse a product and a client’s needs to determine the needed strategy. We’re flexible in execution and we obsess over the utilization of contemporary testing techniques.


Quality Assurance @ EXCLAIM IT SOLUTIONS

Large enterprise systems will have complex requirements and business rules and long timelines. For this year + long project, the most critical aspect of our testing technique is documentation and automated testing. We built our testing technique around scripted manual test cases that would act as the cornerstone of the system's Automated tests.

From large projects to small, our team has vast experience testing the following: E-Commerce sites, enterprise solutions, iOS/Android applications, web applications, various mobile proof of concepts and bluetooth protocol-mobile app products.



Testing scenario

  • Front end testing
  • Testing which is done through the application's user interface.
  • Compatibility testing
  • We have the devices in house that dominate the market place running the most relevant OS's. We also have access to a variety of web browsers to ensure your product operates as intended under a variety of environments.
  • Functional testing
  • By understanding the requirements and intended behavior of the application our team will practice a variety of testing methodologies to ensure functionality is working as intended.
  • User scenario testing
  • We will analyze your product to determine a variety of methods users will use and interact with the product. We will also determine fringe cases often not accounted for during application development.
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